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Seán Brady - latest news and upcoming gigs

St Patrick's week gigs.'The (NO) Hard Border Song' single. Recent album releases '20 Shades of Green' and 'Jealous of the Angels'.

I've taken 4 gigs already for St Patrick's weekend and currently negotiating contracts for a couple more. Full details will be on here shortly. The good news is that several of them are open gigs, where anyone can come along. (Tickets apply at some events.

I had a great gig on New years eve at 'The Lucky 7 bar' in Cricklewood. It's been a while since I did a pub gig and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My latest single 'The (NO) Hard Border Song' is getting some nice mileage on Spotify and has had a good bit of play on some local Irish radio stations, mainly along the border areas. I've gone back to my old style kind of writing that I had a lot of success with back in the 1980's-1990's, writing about topical characters and events.

The Brexit thing and how it affects Ireland is quite a hot potato at the moment and my song has already ruffled a few feathers.

It's not a partisan song taking up with any major ideologies, but simply dedicated to all of the people on all sides of the Irish border among both communities, who would like to keep the border open and unhindered by any Brexit deal.

I've played across the country 1n 2018, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Hertford, Kent, etc. All private functions except for the recent 'Irish night' gig at Kempton Park races.

Big thanks to all of you who came along and said hello. It was a great gig with James on Banjo and Emma on Fiddle.

I'll update you asap on any upcoming open gigs.

Last autumn I released a brand new Irish compilation album with 20 tracks, that includes several completely remastered re-releases as well as 3 new songs written by me.

It's comprised mainly of the most requested songs from my gigs and a very popular re written and re-arranged traddy song 'The Hills of Sweet Mayo'.

The originals are 'All Changed Utterly', 'My First Love' and 'Sweet Adare'. The album is now live on Itunes and Google music and Amazon, etc.

It's not available in CD format. Other Irish classics include; 'Skibbereen', 'Only Our Rivers Run Free' and a personal favourite of mine; 'My Last Farewell'.


The most streamed song of mine is a revamped version of my popular song 'De Valera'.

This arrangement has a more celtic feel than the original and I've added uilleann pipes, whistles, bodhran and fiddle with backing vocals.

You can buy it from all usual outlets including Itunes, Google Play and Amazon.


You can get my 'Jealous of the Angels' full album from all usual outlets Itunes, Google Play and Amazon

You can hear the title track on the youtube video below.

I'm bowled over at the amount of plays and downloads on this album so far and particularly so by the interest in the song from the USA, Canada, Sweden and Australia.

Hear the full album for free here on YouTube.

2019 news and various trivia. Losing the legendary Big Tom. But he is still the king! New album in the pipeline.

I was very sad to hear of the recent passing of the legendary icon of Country & Irish music, Big Tom McBride. I was a fan of his from boyhood and loved his unique sound, warm resonant voice and the sheer honesty of his style.

I saw him many times at the Hibernian Club in Fulham and various dancehalls across Ireland. He was a great inspiration to me along with the Dubliners and Hank Williams.

We'll all miss you Tom and may you rest in peace as you sing 'Four Country Roads' and 'Gentle Mother' with the heavenly choir upstairs.

I'm working on a new album at the moment. I'm very chuffed at the amount of airplay I've been getting on the two albums I released last year and it's really rekindled my enthusiasm for writing and getting back into the studio.

I'm hoping to have it out this autumn and will announce the release date in lots of time on here.

My single (released earlier this year) 'The Ballad of Brexit' has been played extensively across continental europe in Holland, Germany, France and Spain but hardly at all in the UK and Ireland.

A little dissapointing but greatly outweighed by the european success!

I took my Mum along to see Michael English recently at the Beck Theatre, he was excellent and really puts uber effort into his show, which is non stop and highly entertaining. The theatre was pretty much sold out and veteran entertainer Brendan Shine in support, strutted his stuff with the style and panache that befits his long standing in the Irish music scene.

My afforementioned new compilation album includes lots of  the most requested songs at my gigs including 'The Leaving of Liverpool', 'City of Chicago', I'll Tell Me Ma' and loads more.

I'm also working on some some video collaborations with 2 of the regular members of my band line up, including a couple of live versions of my old hits from the 80's.

As you know, I'm a Millwall fan and season ticket holder.

I try to get to as many away games as I can and I was delighted with our amazing first season back in the Championship after a really nailbiting race to the finish line in reaching the league 1 playoffs the previous season.

Our 2018/2019 season started a bit on the wobbly side but I don't believe we'll overstay our welcome near the dreaded dropzone and we have been making great progress in the past few games. It's early days yet and way too early to start getting pessimistic.

The reality is we are punching way above our weight as a club competing with clubs who spend vast sums on players and enjoy much bigger gates.

The tremendous fightback at Nottingham Forest followed by yet another great fightback and victory over Aston Villa proves that we are made of sterner stuff than many expected. Unfortunately that Millwall spirit had to contend with some peculiar refereeing at Reading. Something that is becoming so habitual at Millwall games of late, that one begins to wonder whether or not there's more to it than simple but costly errors by the man in black.

We staged another great fightback against Wigan at the den, followed by a convincing win over Ipswich.

At Griffin Park we missed an opportunity to gather further momentum and a chance to pull ourselves further up the table. A real choker at Norwich and we deserved at least a point there. We're struggling with injuries and with a small squad, that's probelamtic. Still, it adds to the excitement and after our encouraging draw at Bristol City and the'6 pointer' against Hull (that went a tad flat!). We came back with flying colours at the den against Reading on Boxing day and followed with 2 further consecutive victories against Forest and away at Ipswich. Great stuff and echoes of last season perhaps?

Very unlucky last weekend not to nab all 3 points at Boro and once again an odd decision by a ref denies us of our just desserts.

The FA cup this weekend against Everton should be fun!