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Seán Brady - news and gigs

My latest single release 'De Valera' and two new albums; '20 Shades of Green' and 'Jealous of the Angels'.

I've just released a brand new Irish compilation album with 20 tracks, that includes several completely remastered re-releases as well as 3 new songs written by me. It comprises mainly of the most requested songs from my gigs and a very popular re written and re-arranged traddy song 'The Hills of Sweet Mayo'. The originals are 'All Changed Utterly', 'My First Love' and 'Sweet Adare'. The album is now live on Itunes and Google music and should be on Amazon, etc, within a few days. It's not available in CD format. Other Irish classics include; 'Skibbereen', 'Only Our Rivers Run Free' and a personal favourite of mine; 'My Last Farewell'.

I also recently let loose a new single. The single is a revamped version of my popular song 'De Valera'. This arrangement has a more celtic feel than the original and I've added uilleann pipes, whistles, bodhran and fiddle with backing vocals. You can buy it from all usual outlets including Itunes, Google Play and Amazon. I will be releasing 2 further singles over the course of the year which will all be featured on an album of originals in 2018.








The other brand new album released in July, includes 10 country and gospel songs, 9 of them self penned. The title track is a cover version of a beautiful song written by Jenn Bostic.

I was asked to learn the song at a funeral last year and fell in love with it.

I've used the pen name of 'Hank Adare' for this album as it's a better fit for the genre.

You can get the full album on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon.

You can also hear a selection of the songs on the youtube videos below.

I'm totally chuffed at the amount of plays and downloads on this album so far and particularly so by the interest in the song from the USA, Canada, Sweden and Australia. If the figures continue to stack up, I'll get cracking on another country album as a follow up.

A new compilation album, new video project and forthcoming open gig in Tooting.

I'm doing one of my rare open gigs on December 16th at the The Ramble Inn, 223 Mitcham Road, Tooting, SW17 9JG. It's a solo show and from 9-11.30pm. The last gig was chockerblock so come early to get a seat or it'll be standing room only. I spent a lot of time around that part of London and I'm really looking forward to seeing some old friends and faces.

Thanks to all at the wonderful gig recently at the beautiful 'High Elms Manor' in Herts.

What a spectacular setting and fabulous bunch of people. The dancing got a bit wild at times but great fun was had by all including myself and the band members.

I learned a couple of songs especially for the occasion including 'She Moved Through the Fair', 'Isn't it Grand Boys'. Thanks again to you all.

My afforementioned new compilation album includes lots of  the most requested songs at my gigs including 'The Leaving of Liverpool', 'City of Chicago', I'll Tell Me Ma' and loads more.

I'm also working on some some video collaborations with 2 of the regular members of my band line up, including a couple of live versions of my old hits from the 80's.

I've been doing some serious mileage on the road over the past few months including Edinburgh, Manchester, Huddersfield, Essex, Kent and Sussex.

My old mate and recording partner Archie McPherson and I had great fun with a one off gig in Dalkeith, Edinburgh a few months back and we're hoping to be invited back there again soon.

It's nice to have a lot of London based gigs coming up.

As usual the majority of my gigs thesedays are private functions, weddings, parties, etc, but as soon as a few open gigs come along I'll post them on here.

One of my favourite gigs was South Nuffield a few weeks back, what a lovely bunch of people in such an iddylic setting.

As you know, I'm a Millwall fan and season ticket holder.

I try to get to as many away games as I can and I'm really delighted to see us back in the Championship after a really nailbiting race to the finish line in reaching the league 1 playoffs last season.

The victory at Wembley in May was a wonderful day and an experience to cherish.

The season so far has been a bit topsy turvy but I am totally delighted that we're holding our own and not propping up the table as predicted by the doomsday merchants prior to the start of the current campaign.

The Lions did us proud  against Brum, we were on the telly against live from the den, showing the world our great 2-0 win. Hats off the the Birmingham fans, all 2000 plus of them who made the long journey to and from Bermondsey. A great turn out on their part.

Nice one at Sunderland in spite of a few howlers on both sides!

We still have a good buffer zone above the dropzone but we'll need to get a tad perkier around the goalmouth if we're going to sustain our great efforts so far.

Can't wait for the Fulham game at Craven Cottage!

Come on you Lions!

Here's me and some of my regular band members playing live in Chelsea last year.