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About Seán Brady

Seán Brady - Irish singer - background

Album cover for Seán Brady Single 'De valera'. 

Discography You can find a complete list of all of my recordings from 1983-2021 here.

I'm a professional performer/guitar/vocalist, songwriter and recording artist, specialising in Irish music and song.

I've been happily performing as an entertainer on the Irish music scene, nationally and globally, since the early 1980's.

My live show is either solo on guitar and vocals, or as a duo or band with fiddle, accordion and/or banjo.

My mission is to deliver faithful but individualised versions of Irish songs including cover versions of songs recorded by many of the icons of Irish music, The Dubliners, Clancy's, Christy Moore, Wolfetones, Big Tom, The Pogues, Foster and Allen, etc.

I also perform many country songs by Hank Williams, John Denver, Patsy Cline, Hank Locklin, etc.

I include other genres in my repertoire with classics from Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, etc.

I'm always happy to perform the songs that I'm well known for from my own self penned recordings.

My initial success as a songwriter and recording act began in 1983 with the release of my underground hit single, 'The Thatcher Song'.

I wrote most of it watching 'News at Ten' one Wednesday evening over a bottle of Bulgarian wine and after listening to a Larry Cunningham LP which included 'Come back to Erin', a traditional Irish ballad from which I borrowed the tune and changed it around a tad to fit the words of my song.

It was recorded in a makeshift 8 track studio in South London and cost a total of £100 to record, including the studio time and a fee of £25 for an accordion playing member of the London Fire Brigade from Wexford named Kevin McDermott.

I played the guitar on my old Yammy and did my own backing vocals.

The song went on to change my life completely and to this day the rewards of that little Andy Warhol moment are something I'll always cherish and be eternally grateful for.

Shortly after the release of the 'Thatcher Song' album in 1984, I went into the music business full time and have been earning my daily crust from something I still love, ever since.

It's had it's highs and lows but I wouldn't change it for the world.

My music has taken me to countries all over the world that previously I'd only dreamt of, and has given me a multitude of magical and exciting experiences in life that I'd never have enjoyed had it not been for the 'Iron Lady' and her initial inspiration that fell upon me to start writing songs.

My follow up singles such as 'The Taoiseach's Hooley', 'The Ballad of Red Ken', 'Mother England's Giro', as well as lots of albums, sold in great numbers with minimal radio play.

(You can see my entire list of recordings from 1983-2021 on my discography page)

Along with several new releases, lots of subsequent compilation albums of my earlier recordings have been revamped, repackaged and re-released ongoingly ever since.

The latest hard copy CD incarnation is a collection of many of my most well known songs which have been re-released on a great double album available on the H&H label, this can be bought from my online shop.

I am very fortunate to have performed my songs in many countries across the globe including, Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, North America, Norway, Singapore, Scotland, Ireland and of course England, where I am usually based.

Many of my songs have been covered, recorded and performed by a multitude of acts most notably, Foster and Allen, Susan McCann, The Furey's and Mick Hucknall, you can see a list of many of them on my covers page and several of the youtube versions here.

Today I perform mainly at weddings, private functions, corporate events, cruises, parties, wakes and funerals.

Booking enquiries from pubs, clubs, cruise companies, festivals and overseas venues are also welcome.

To enquire booking me please visit the contact page and find answers to many of your questions on my FAQs page.

Songwriting news

There have been, and continue to be, a lot of changes on the songwriting front and how it all works.

I'm still writing and in fact I've upped my game in that area.

The industry has altered big time and maybe it's not quite as incentivising as it once was.

I'm fortunate enough to have a fairly sizeable catalogue of songs out there that still generate a respectable level of royalties.

I'm currently working on lots of new songs and enjoying my reborn enthusiasm for getting back into the studio.

Where to get my music

You can buy my songs in hard copy CD format via my shop.

You can also buy or stream the vast majority of my currently available albums and singles via all the usual outlets.

I'm always delighted to get any work recorded by other artists.

It's a great honour.

You can find links to many of my youtube covers on here and there's a list of most of my known covers here.

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