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How to contact Seán Brady

It's a promise! I'll call you back (or email you if preferred) within 24 hours, Scouts honour! When calling from abroad please dial as follows.+44 (0)7877 819255

(Add +44 and omit the 0 if contacting me from outside of the UK).

Direct number +44 (0)7877 819255

(Add +44 and omit the 0 if contacting me from outside of the UK).


Can I discuss a booking?

Of course, you can do that by calling me on 07877 819255 or by completing a contact form with as much information as possible and I will respond promptly. Talking it through is often the most efficient and speedy way of processing a booking enquiry.

Do you play abroad?

I've performed in many different countries and it's always great to hear from bookers overseas. Festivals and cruises, bars and hotels are all welcome to make an enquiry and calling you back is not a problem. You can also call or text me via Whatsapp for FREE!

The Singles

Back in the days of 7" vinyl single records I did lots of them and the majority of them are on this ever popular double album for just £2.99 including mailing.

Scots & Irish

I had the immense pleasure of working with the great Archie McPherson for many years and this is one of our albums. It's yours for just £1.99 including mailing.

Pub Songs

This CD has a got a selection of 14 tracks that are among the most requested songs at my gigs including 'Brown eyed girl' and 'Back home in Derry'. Just £1.99