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Seán Brady's Discography - 1983-2019

Seán Brady's complete list of own recordings - 1983-2019

Here's an (almost)* complete chronological breakdown of all of my commercial releases with some of the original sleeves.

I've released around 27 albums and although most of them are now deleted, you can still get a lot of them on collectors sites via Google, ebay and Amazon including lots of the vinyl singles. Beware though! The prices are often off the radar screen!

To see and buy my currently available albums and MP3 downloads, pay a visit to my shop.

*There's a few missing including lots of compilation albums where I have tracks listed alongside other acts and 2-3 others that I will add on here later if I can find copies and information on them.

Vinyl singles (11)

The Thatcher Song / Hills Of Sweet Mayo-1983 Version*
The Taoiseachs Hooley / Molly Malone-1984
The Ballad Of Red Ken / The Derry Bogside-1984
Maggie & The Farmer / If You're Irish Be Proud Of It-1985
The Thatcher Song (Newer Version) / Taoiseachs Hooley (Remix)-1985
The Garret Song/No Place Like Home-1985
The Taoiseachs Hooley (Further Remix)-1986
De Valera (Version 1)/Never Too Old To Love-1987
Mother Englands Giro / Michael-1988*
Free The Six / The Thatcher Song (Remix) 1989***
De Valera/Wild Rover-1999 (CD SINGLE)***

All on Crubeen Records Label except* IMG *** Brady Records

Vinyl LP's (2)

The Thatcher Song-Original Album-1984-Crubeen Records

The Thatcher Song-1988-Compilation released on Prism Leisure Corporation PLC Label**

Cassette albums (17)

The Thatcher Song-1984*
Jackeens & Culchies-1985*
Irish Songs Sean Brady Style-1987*

Ballads - 1987*

Comedy -1987*

The Thatcher Song-1988-Compilation released on Prism Leisure Corporation PLC Label**

Free The Six-1987***

Songs Of Revolution-1990***
Pogue Mahone-1991***

Best Of Volume 1-1992***

Best Of Volume 2-1992***
Shamrock and Thistle 50 Irish and Scots Favourites (With Archie MacPherson)-1992**
Shamrock and Thistle 50 Country and Irish Favourites (With Archie MacPherson)-1993**
Jackies Army-1994***

My Heart It Just Died-1995***

The Major Song-1996***

* Crubeen Records ** Prism Leisure *** IMG Records

Compact Disc Albums (6)

The Thatcher Song Compilation CD-1988**

Shamrock and Thistle 50 Irish and Scots Favourites (With Archie MacPherson)-1992**

Shamrock & Thistle 50 Country and Irish Favourites (With Archie McPherson)-1993**

Great Irish Pub Songs-2002**

Jewel of the Village-2007***

The Double CD Pack of 'The Thatcher Song'/'Great Irish Pub Songs' - 2011****

Shamrock and Thistle '100 Irish and Scots Favourites' - 2011**** (With Archie MacPherson)

Jealous of the Angels - 2017***

Get it on Google Play

De Valera - Single release September 2017***

* Crubeen records

** Prism leisure

*** Brady records/Brady Music productions

**** HH music

Digital releases - All released in 2018

(Not available on CD except via Amazon music)

Seán Brady's own cover albums

How can I buy Seán's music? You can buy Seán's CD's directly from his online shop.

Although most of my recordings have been of my own self penned work, I've also done lots of cover albums too. As a session singer there are lots of CD's out there released under pseudonyms. Typically the kind of cheapie ones you can buy in tourist shops in Ireland and markets.

The best selling album of covers out under my own name is 'Great Irish pub songs' which can be purchased for only £1.99 from my online shop.

Any new albums soon?

I've been in the recording studio after a long break. I've written a lot of songs over the past while and I'm back in recording mode, loving it and delighted with the success of my releases in 2018. I doubt if there will be be any hard copies available, the market for CD's is very minimal thesedays and the cost effectiveness is hard to reconcile. I will initially release my next album on here exclusively, so watch this space!

FREE download stuff

I have put lots of totally FREE downloadable tracks on here and there are no catches involved, I simply ask that you use them solely for your own use. As a songwriter I believe the best way to get your work out there is to get it played and heard. Many of the cover versions of my songs came about this way and not by pitching them. Enjoy! My new album is going to be ready in the autumn and will include lots of brand news ongs by me.

Shamrock & Thistle

This double CD pack is yours for only £2.99. It includes both of the best selling albums from the 'Shamrock & Thistle' series at a great price.

Country & Irish

Both of the albums featured on the double CD can be bought seperately. This album is '50 country and Irish requests. £1.99 including mailing within the UK.


2016 brought the 100th anniversary of the easter rising of 1916. Several songs from that era can be bought on this CD for just £1.99 including mailing.