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How much do you charge Seán?

Seán Brady fees.

My fees are usually calculated on a gig by gig basis, based on the date, location (*travel costs may apply outside of the London area) and playing times.

The type of line up also affects the fee.

The three main options are solo, duo, 3 piece band and 4 piece band.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact me with the details.

As I'm based in London most of the time, the following fees are standard.

Funeral services.

For me and my guitar to perform 3-4 songs at a Church service.

To perform also at the graveside. (Provided within 6 mile radius of church service)


Private functions.

(Standard 2 hour booking (Example 9-11pm) including 1 x 15 minute break)

Solo. £390.
Duo. £590.
Band. £790 (3 Piece).
Band. £990 (4 Piece).
For 3 x 45 minute sets within 3 hour period.

Solo. £490.
Duo. £690.
Band. £890 (3 Piece).
Band. £1090 (4 Piece).

Quotes for weddings and St Patrick's week are available by making an enquiry via the contact page.


Fees quoted are the total cost except where travel costs are involved*. 

Feel free to call, WhatsApp or text me on 07877 819255.

All bookings are subject to availability and written confirmation.

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