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Seán Brady - Latest news and developments


The Coronavirus and existing bookings. Working to make a positive from a negative.

Phew! As the world and our lives change by the day and the world goes to war against the Coronavirus, adjustments and harsh realities set in for all of us.

The most important thing for me is doing what I can to follow the guidelines and be at hand 100% for my family members and close friends.

Much as the temporary collapse of my work causes issues, I'm one of the fortunate ones who is well geared up to ride the storm.

There are many who are not.

My heart goes out to all of you fellow musicians and indeed those in any field of work where your work and livelihood has come to a grinding halt.

For those of you who have booked me for your wedding, christening, corporate function and or any other existing booking, I want to put your mind at rest regarding cancellations.

Quite simply, you will not be charged any cancellation fees.

You can postpone your booking for however long it takes to get things back to normal and use that deposit for the original booking against the new date.

Many of you have already been in touch regarding your bookings and I'll be contacting the remainder of you over the next few days.

Feel free to contact me on any queries that you may have.

Sadly, both of my gigs on St Patrick's day were cancelled on the day and it was the first time I hadn't played on Paddy's day since I was 18 years old.

My full intention is to use to turn the negative energy created by the virus into a force of positivety.

I'm going to double down on my writing and recording projects, learn to play the guitar better! Keep as fit and well physically and mentally as possible and generally follow the message of; 'Keep calm and carry on'.

I wish you all the very best in dealing with these troubled times.


My band and I returned in January from a hectic but fun packed series of corporate gigs across the globe.

It was a fabulous tour conducted at breakneck speed and involved long haul flights galore and many failed attempts to resist the temptations of the incredible buffet meals on offer at 5 star hotels! it was without doubt, an experience of a lifetime and simply wonderful.


We were very fortunate to have shared the gigs throughout with a full cast of Riverdance, many with whom we shared meals, jokes, funny stories, soundchecks and rehearsals with throughout. 

These remarkably talented dancers had both the manners and  personalities to match their expertise on stage.

It was an honour to share the same billing with them.

I was delighted to see that a cover version of a song I wrote back in the 90's 'Never too old to love', has been released again on a 10 cd box set from Foster and Allen.

As coincidence has it I'm in the middle re-recording a modernised version for my next album.

I'm always flattered when someone covers one of my songs and I'm grateful that so many artists have done so and thankful that they continue to do so.

It's been 35 years since I released my original 'The Thatcher Song' album.

In it's original format it was initially released as an album cassette and vinyl LP.

In 1988, after the rights and catalogue of Crubeen Records were sold to the now defunct Prism Leisure label, an enhanced version of an album (with some tracks omitted and newer ones added) under the same title, was put together that included two of my most successfully covered songs, 'Never too old to Love' and 'De valera'.

The brilliant sleeve design was by the people who worked on 'Spitting Image', this artwork actually cost more to produce than the total budget for the actual recording of the whole original album, which was a very low budget affair to say the least!

It also featured some new tracks including 'Mother Englands Giro' and a freshly recorded version of my 'Drumshanbo Exile'.

The Bojo Song (Ballad of Boris Johnson)

To coincide with the 'Thatcher Song' anniversary, I recently wrote, recorded and released a little ditty about our current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The current version of the track is available via all normal streaming and download platforms.

The 'No Hard Border Song' single has now been deleted from the standard platforms, but it will feature on a forthcoming compilation album that I hope to release in the spring.

It will continue to live on via YouTube for the time being.


I'm currently in the midst of finishing off writing the remaining songs for my brand new forthcoming album.

It will have 10 tracks, including at least 8-9 originals and I feel it includes some of my best offerings for quite a while.

It will feature the newer version of De valera) and a song that I'm writing especially for the Irish diaspora entitled; 'Irishmen from another land'.

'20 Shades of Green' is a collection of some of the most popularly requested songs at gigs over the years and also has some originals by me including; 'Sweet Adare', 'All Changed Utterly' and 'My First Love'.

You can hear the full album on YouTube via the following embedded player.

St Patrick's celebrations are muted. Getting priorities in the right place.

The St Patrick's celebrations for my band and I had been in full swing prior to the big day itself, when suddenly both of our gigs were cancelled on the day itself.

No complaints there though, first things first and doing whatever's needed to play our part in the current crisis is paramount.

We had a whale of a time at the Hyve group event in Paddington on the Friday prior and a hearty thanks to all of the staff there for joining in with the craic and making it such a memorable night.

Saturdays gig in Bromley went even better than last years, thaks to all the staff there too.


Many thanks to the crowd at that recent cracker of a gig in Drayton.

It's unusual to come on and do a spot after a disco but it was a great success and my apologies for not being able to do an encore, the hotel has a strict policy on stopping the music sharp at 12.30.

We'll do it again sometime and once again, a million thanks for having me along!

I was gigging recently in Birmingham.

As with London, it's a city that was once a great heartland of Irishness.

Brum's Irish contingent has seen its better days numbers wise, but I'm very pleased to say that the Irish community up in the west midlands, be it less of a collosus thesedays, is very much alive and kicking.

One of my gigs was singing at a farewell service for a prominent and much beloved member of the Irish community up there and the church was packed to the rafters, moving and evocative.

Thanks to all at the recent gig in Addiscombe too, my fidder and I had a great night of songs, tunes and dancing with the party crowd there and it was wonderful to meet up with some old faces from my days at that great old Irish pub in Lewisham (sadly no longer there) the 'John Morden' and a couple of fellows from the old Croydon 'Tug of War' club.

'Jealous of the Angels' is a beautiful song written by Jenn Bostic about bereavement and I have had plays on it from across the globe and my Itunes sales have surprisingly been mainly in the USA, which of course is a great compliment.

Country songs such as that are predominantly the domain of US artists.

It's now pretty much a standard request for me to sing at funeral services, which is something that I'm doing more and more of thesedays.

The other 9 tracks on the album were all written by me and have all received healthy streaming figures on the main platforms as well as respectable sales of both the album and individual tracks, especially 'Circle of Love'.

You can hear this album in full also on YouTube via the following embedded player.

My ever popular 'The Thatcher Song' is also available in full to hear via the player below.

It's been out on general release now for over 35 years, not bad for an album that was written of by the so called head honchos in the upper echelons of Irish radio at the time and was never played by the mainstream radio stations in the UK and Ireland and still isn't.

If you'd like to buy it in CD version or any other of my several hard copy albums, you can get them via my shop.

My followers in Irish America contact me regularly and I'm delighted to see that my songs continue to get regular plays on the Irish music stations in Boston, New York and Chicago.


To mark the 35th year since the release of 'The Thatcher Song' album, I'm presently doing a brand new recording of the song and will be releasing it early in 2020 along with an online video.

It will be a bit different to the original, slightly slower in tempo and I may replace the middle tune with a trad arrangement of 'The Sally Gardens' and add a verse about the new occupant of 10 Dowing Street.

I'm also putting together some remastered tarcks for another compilation album that I'll be releasing by the spring.

It's going to feature some popular singles from the 80's and 90's that haven't been available for many years, including 'Free the Six' and 'The Derry Bogside'.

Both of these songs were considered controversial in their day but ironically were part of a very short list of my own compositions that actually got played on BBC radio.

The album will also feature my own version of 'Kevin Barry' and 'Spancil Hill'.


My football team are Millwall and we've had a real seesaw season in 2019-2020 that's culminated in us currently sitting 2 points away from the highly prized 6th spot.

The crisis has brought our beloved football to a stop for now, fingers crossed, it will soon be back to normal and we can go along to the Den and bellow our team along to great things.

Best wishes to all the players, fans and staff at all clubs across the land in this difficult time.

I love getting along to see and cheer my team along whenever I can, home and away.

That's the great thing about the championship, it's so unpredicatable.

The real biggies at the Den so far were with our old friends Leeds United and our near neighbours Charlton Athletic, thankfully we got great results with both.

We're doing great at this point compared to last season.

Fabulous to get our 2nd away win of the season at Bristol City and shortly afterwards, our 3rd at Derby County!

We were brought back down to earth with a bang against Barnsley at the den.

The game at Cardiff on boxing day was a great result, getting something there was quite something.

Clearly Neil Harris was not be aiming to do us any favours and Gary Rowett was very keen to make his mark.

Jed Wallace came up trumps with a scorcher.

The two magnificent victories against Brentford and Luton over the holiday period have rocketed us up the table to the edge of the playoff region.

The recent win over Reading has sustained our efforts and the trip to Leeds was a nail biting humdinger right to the end.

We lost a further bit of ground against West Brom and could have nicked it against our neighbours Fulham last Wednesday.

Preston was a six pointer at this stage of the game and we got a great win to keep our playoff hopes alive and kicking.

We lost a bit of our momentum against Wigan and Brum and the Bristol City game was a good point, but leaves us with quite a challenge now to snatch that coveted 6th spot.

The magnificent victory at Forest, along with the results that went our way over that weekend, mean that we're now only 2 points away from the 6th playoff spot.

Recent uber dramatic events regarding the health crisis continue to unfold and of course football is now in shutdown.

Hopefully it's temporary and we can all get back to normal asap.

Come on you lions!