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Seán Brady - Latest news and gigs

Brexit and Border songs coming to the end of the road?

My last two singles 'The Ballad of Brexit' and 'The No Hard Border Song' are very probably coming to the end of their shelf life in the topicality department imminently.

I wrote them both using my old style of writing that I had a lot of success with back in the 1980's-1990's, basing the theme on current characters and events.

The next couple of weeks are full of uncertainty and confusion over these hot issues, but a conclusion of some kind seems on the cards.

You can hear both songs on the videos below and you can buy the tracks via the usual online outlets such as Itunes and Amazon music or stream it via all the services such as Spotify, etc.


I'm currently in the midst of finishing off writing the remaining songs for my forthcoming new album.

It will have 10-12 tracks, all originals and I feel it includes some of my best offerings for quite a while.

It will feature my last 3 singles (Including the newer version of De valera) and a song that I'm writing especially for the Irish diaspora entitled; 'Irishmen from another land'. Watch this space for further news.

My last two albums '20 Shades of Green' and 'Jealous of the Angels' are also available via the usual outlets and I'm utterly delighted with the response to both.

'20 Shades of Green' is a collection of some of the most popularly requested songs at gigs over the years and also has some originals by me including; 'Sweet Adare', 'All Changed Utterly' and 'My First Love'.

It also includes a fresh arrangement of the ever popular 'The Hills of Sweet Mayo'.

You can hear the full album on youtube via the following embedded player.

Hail glorious St Patrick! Come on you Lions?

St Patrick's weekend was a stormer for me and my band members. This year all of our gigs were in the Greater London area, apart from March 9th which was at Sandown Park races. On the big day itself I did a solo spot at the Guinness festival near London Bridge, prior to the up and coming 'Beoga' who headlined. I had a great bit of banter with the crowd and was well chuffed at the response from the gathering who sang along with me in the hailstones!

Myself and Dicky and Nick did a fabulous gig up the road in the afternoon in Shoreditch High Street at the 'Crown and Shuttle'.

The place was rocking to the timbers and the predominantly young crowd were with us all the way.

Exhausted at the end of it all but what a great way to get tired out! I'm already getting enquiries for next year and will let you know where and when in plenty of time.

'Jealous of the Angels' is a beautiful song written by Jenn Bostic about bereavement and I have had plays on it from across the globe and my Itunes sales have surprisingly been mainly in the USA, which of course is a great compliment. Country songs such as that are predominantly the domain of US artists.

The other 9 tracks on the album were all written by me and have all received healthy streaming figures on the main platforms as well as respectable sales of both the album and individual tracks, especially 'Circle of Love'. You can hear this album in full also on youtube via the following embedded player.

My ever popular 'The Thatcher Song' is also available in full to hear via the player below.

If you'd like to buy it in CD version or any other of my several hard copy albums, you can get them via my shop.


My football team are Millwall and this has certainly been a topsy turvy season. The cup run was great but the Brighton defeat was a hard one to swallow. Just a hairs breadth away from a Wembley semi final against Manchester City and we let it slip.

Still, we punched way above our weight and gave them a serious run for their money before going out on penalties.

The relegation battle is heating up and it seems to be between us, Rotherham, Reading, Wigan and Birmingham.

Hopefully we can hang on to our Championship status and build things up for next season.

Great win against the Baggies and let's see if we can do the bizzo against QPR on Wednesday.