News of gigs and recent news on Seán Brady, London Irish singer.
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Seán Brady - recent news and developments


Back to live gigs. Writing and recording. My Hollywood debut. Jackie's Army. 2 new albums released.

Jackies Army - The Irish world cup song.I returned to live gigs as soon as the restrictions were lifted and it's wonderful to be back!

I'm getting a lot of enquiries at the moment from bookers who had their weddings and family parties postponed due to Covid last year.

I've also performed this month at open air private functions in Essex, Oxon, Chislehurst and Milton Keynes.

My band and I did our first wedding since January 2020 recently and it was wonderful to be back playing with my fellow musicians once again.

I'm pleased to report the release of 2 new albums, 'I Saw the light' and 'If Nothing Changes'.

Both are available on all the usual platforms. I'll add a couple of tracks on here over the next few days.


St Patrick's week this year was most peculiar and was the first time I haven't performed live on the big day since I was 18 years old.

I did several live streaming shows on Zoom and similar platforms throughout the week including Saturday March 20th.

I'm very grateful to all of you for the bookings and I enjoyed meeting you all in cyberspace via Dublin, Liverpool, Glasgow and Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Here's a sampler video featuring excerpts from of one of my live streaming shows.

Fees and FAQs for future bookings can be found on my singagram page.

My 1990's tribute to the late, great Jackie Charlton's magnificent contributions to the then, incredible achievements of the Irish national soccer team, has been one of my most played tracks across all streaming platforms since his sad demise. May he rest in peace.

A true legend in his lifetime and beyond.

We're all keeping our fingers firmly crossed that the nightmare and great loss and suffering experienced by so many, is coming to an end soon and we're all delighted on the exciting and rapid deployment of the new vaccines.

I wish all of you the very best of physical and mental health during this troubled time.

My full intention during this crisis has been to use the negative energy created by the virus into a force of positivety.

I've been doubling down on my writing and recording projects, learning to play the guitar better! Keeping as fit and well physically and mentally as possible and generally following the message of; 'Keep calm and carry on'.

I got some great news recently from the highly talented musician Kieran Kiely, whom I have had the pleasure of working and recording with on many occasions.

He asked me last year to do some vocals for some songs that feature in a newly released film starring Patrick Bergin and Vanessa Redgrave.

The film 'Finding You' is now on worldwide release.

If you get along to catch it at the cinema, stay for the credits at the end, you'll hopefully see my name listed for at least a tenth of a nano second!


It's been 35 years since I released my original 'The Thatcher Song' album.

In it's original format it was initially released as an album cassette and vinyl LP.

In 1988, after the rights and catalogue of Crubeen Records were sold to the Prism Leisure label, an enhanced version of an album (with some tracks omitted and newer ones added) under the same title, was put together including two of my most successfully covered songs, 'Never too old to Love' and 'De valera'.

The brilliant sleeve design was put together by the people who worked on 'Spitting Image', this artwork actually cost more to produce than the total budget for the actual recording of the whole original album, which was a very low budget affair to say the least!

It also featured some new tracks including 'Mother Englands Giro' and a freshly recorded version of my 'Drumshanbo Exile'.

The Bojo Song (Ballad of Boris Johnson)

To coincide with the 'Thatcher Song' anniversary single release last year, I wrote, recorded and released a little ditty about our current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The current version of the track is available via all the usual streaming and download platforms.

Working with Riverdance. 3 x singles and a brand new compilation album released during lockdown.

Seán Brady and the cast of Riverdance.

My band and I returned back in January 2020 from a hectic but mega fun packed series of corporate gigs across the globe.

Little did we know of the looming pandemic that would soon affect all of our lives in such a collosal way.

It was a fabulous tour conducted at breakneck speed and involved long haul flights galore from Singapore to Las Vegas, including many failed attempts to resist the temptations of the incredible buffet meals on offer at 5 star hotels! it was without doubt, an experience of a lifetime and simply wonderful.

We shared the gigs throughout with a full cast of Riverdance, many with whom we shared meals, jokes, funny stories, soundchecks and rehearsals with throughout. 

These remarkably talented dancers had both the manners and  personalities to match their expertise on stage.

It was an honour to share the same billing with them.

I was delighted to see that a cover version of a song I wrote back in the 90's 'Never too old to love', has been released again on a 10 cd box set from Foster and Allen.

As coincidence has it, I'm in the middle re-recording a modernised version for my next album.

Foster and Allen's recording of a Seán Brady song.

I'm always very flattered when someone covers one of my songs and I'm grateful that so many artists have done so and thankful that they continue to do so.

I'm around 75% finished with my new album and I'm hoping to release it in June. 

I'll also add a couple of the news songs I've written for the forthcoming album.


Back in that fateful March of 2020, the St Patrick's celebrations for my band and I had been in full swing prior to the big day, when suddenly both of our gigs were cancelled for the big day itself.

No complaints there though, first things first and doing whatever's needed to play our part in the crisis was paramount.

We had a whale of a time at the 'Hyve group' event in Paddington on the Friday prior and a hearty thanks to all of the staff there for joining in with the craic and making it such a memorable night.

The Saturday gig in Bromley went even better than 2019, thanks to all the staff there too.

'20 Shades of Green' is a collection of some of the most popularly requested songs at gigs over the years and also has some originals by me including; 'Sweet Adare', 'All Changed Utterly' and 'My First Love'.

You can hear the full album on YouTube via the following embedded player.

If you'd like to buy it in CD version or any other of my several hard copy albums, you can get them via my shop.

Special hello to my followers in Irish America, several of them contact me regularly and I'm delighted to see that my songs continue to get regular plays on the Irish music stations in Boston, New York and Chicago.


It's brilliant to have the crowds back at football.

I couldn't get to the QPR game due to a gig in Dagenham that afternoon.

It was such a great gig that it almost made up for missing the first game of the season.

I got along to the Pompey cup game on the Tuesday and the atmosphere was incredible for our 2-1 victory.

Portsmouth brought along 2000 noisy fans and gave us a good run for our money, I wish them all the very best for the rest of the season.

The Fulham game was a toughie, they have spent zillions on players compared to us and it showed on the night, but after another blip at Cardiff we bounced back with a nail biting 2-1 win against newly promoted Blackpool and hopefully now we'll go onto better things.

Difficult games in quick succession starting this weekend at the Hawthorns followed by a midweek battle in Swansea.

Leicester who we sensationally knocked out of the FA cup not long ago, are back at the den for the next round of the league cup shortly. Should be interesting.