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Seán Brady - Irish singagrams

I can be hired as an acoustic singagram with guitar and vocals.

This is very popular for Birthdays and I can come along to any location and surprise your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner at their place of work, at a restaurant, or at your home or any venue of your choice.

It can be great fun and add something special to an already special occasion.

You can choose the songs performed on the day.

Cost depends on when, where and when.

Give me a call on 07877 819255 or fill in the enquiry form and I'll be right back to you!


What songs?

That's pretty much up to you. The most requested songs tend be classics and well know numbers like 'Whisky in the jar", "Fields of Athenry", "Galway Girl", etc. See my songlist for the full list of choices.

How many songs?

If you think of each song being around 3 minutes in duration. So, a 30 minute singagram would involve up to around 10 songs. I tend to just sing them with minimal in between time. Apart from breathing!

How much?

That all depends on where, when, how long and what time. The easiest way to find out is to call me on 07877 819255 or use my enquiry form.